About Us


CEO’s Message
Autoplex Limited has started its mission with a broader vision to fight against currently ongoing odds and anomalies in the industry. The automobile workshop is full of confusions, misfortunate activities which put our daily life into troubles and lack of confidence. When we used to get repaired our own vehicles in anonymous places and so called workshops we used to get confused and there were always the trust issue came in the first place. Now in 2016 we started our own workshop to ease the daily life with blissful harmony that could be occurred in this sector. Apart from our own vehicles to get repaired, we had decided to start the same service for our clients tagged with our other businesses and we opened full service option for general customers in the mid of 2017. Till now we have served many clients who became regular and we are maintaining the service from the bottom of our heart.

We sincerely diagnose the vehicles with computerized system, honest feedback of the problem and guarantee that the same problem shall not occur within a specific period of time. Apart from that our Paint-Booth stood outstanding for any paint job in the country and we surely are capable of producing world class paint jobs. We serve every customer not only for profit but also for passion driven through the work. I request you to get involve actively in purchasing spares, to contribute your valuable feedback when it comes about repairing. Because at the end of the day it is your vehicle which can risk your life.